I and Buy for a day

Need to broadcast a personal event so your friends and families can see it?

Do you own a smartphone?

Well you my friend are READY.

Contact us and we will set you up so that you can use the I and buy System to broadcast your event to our
Public Broadcast Map.

The cost is $ 49.99 for 8 hours.

You can invite everyone to watch your broadcast on our map.

It is an easy process:

  • Step 1: Contact Us
  • Step 2: Pay us $ 49.99 plus GST if in Canada.
  • Step 3: Download our App:
  • Step 4: We email you an:
    • Instance Code
    • Username and password valid for 8 hours.
      • When you have the app simply fill in the blanks and watch the Public Map!
    • Practice a little!
    • Then it’s SHOWTIME!
  • Step 5: Share with your friends this link www.iandbuy.com/public-map and tell them WHEN to view.


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