Broadcasting live video to clients around the world!

The I & Buy Sales System is a compelling new way to promote your products via your own
“TV Channel” served up on your own website!

Promote Your Products

Imagine pushing a button on your phone and broadcasting live video to clients around the world?

What is the value of having your own TV Channel broadcasting your custom shows to an interested audience?

Appreciate the ease of updating your customer(s) while they sit at home? Calculate the time and expenses saved when your customers no longer need to come see you, that is service, with no wasted time, you can demo right NOW!

All you need is a smartphone and our “green” tech.

Promote a Personal Event

Rent the I and Buy System for a Day and broadcast your own event to your friends and family. Read more


Get Your IMS NOW!

Far, far less than a TV Station. No special equipment needed, we augment your existing website by adding our TV Map page to it and voila there you go. (Note: we also build and maintain websites.)

When you receive your System we provide 1 hour of training online.

There is an initial set up fee per location, a charge for extra apps then a monthly fee based on usage.

You need this powerful Sales & Marketing tool in your tool kit!