System Components

There are three system components.

The App:

When you purchase our I and Buy Sales System you tell us how many Apps you need. We create these Apps and you give them to your Sales and Marketing Teams.

The App is your TV Camera, small, light, highly portable and paid for. With this App you are able to beam a live broadcast to your own website to be viewed by your customers.

Multiple Apps can broadcast live at the same time to the TV Map allowing your customers to see all angles.

The TV Map:

All of your products are added to the TV Map by the IMS and are identified by their picture. Click on the picture to learn more. (No web people are needed, update daily of hourly as you need).

When a customer or potential customer wants a live broadcast, they simply contact you to ask for a live broadcast then they watch your live broadcast. All broadcasts are saved to the TV Map with a title. Multiple customers can watch a live broadcast at the same time.

The live broadcasts are saved to the TV Map to be watched over and over or you can delete them from the IMS.

We can even add CCTV cameras to your Map which you control so you customers can see anything that you choose to present.

The Inventory Mgmt. System (IMS):

Accessed on the web, your System Administrator can add your Business and your Products to the TV Map easily and quickly; complete with pics, video and links.